Axel Horn




1930               Newark School of Fine and Applied Arts


1931-34         Art Students League, New York City

                                                Studied with:

                                                            Thomas Hart Benton, painter

                                                            John Sloan, painter

                                                            Charles Lock, lithographer

                                                            William Zorach, sculptor

                                                            William Chappel, illustrator


                                                            Jackson Pollock

                                                            Will Barnet


1935                         Siqueiros  Mural Workshop




Professional Career:


1936-40         WPA Mural Painter

                                                Designed and executed murals for public buildings

                                                            Seaview Hospital, Staten Island

                                                            Belleview Hospital

                                                            Welfare Island Nurses Home

                                                            Whitehall, NY Post Office

                                                            Yellow Springs, OH Post Office

                                                as well as for various commercial interiors.


1940-42         Designed sculpture for a commercial display company.


1942-47         Design department supervisor for The Displayers, a firm producing training devises for the Army and Navy.


1947-65         Independent exhibit and display designer specializing in promotional graphics, exhibits, and visual aids eventually focusing mainly in the fields of science and medicine.

                                                Axel Horn, Designer

                                                sec/treas Techniques and Materials, NYC

                                                vp Fox and Horn, NYC


1965-76         Consultant, designer, and planner of environmental and educational study programs for various  colleges, agencies, foundations, and private firms:

                                    NY Botanical Garden

                                    City College of NY

                                    State University of NY

                                    National Science Foundation

                                    Nehru Foundation for Development

                                    Asia Foundation

                                    U.N. Conference on Human Environment

                                    U.N. Outer Space Affairs Committee

                                    Atmospheric Sciences Research Center

                                    Xerox Educational Division

                                    Litton Industries Educational Systems Division

                                    Science and Medicine Publishing Company, etc.


                        In India, worked as consultant, planner, co-administrator, and designer of environmental and educational systems for  the Community Science Center, Ahmedabad. (1966-68)


                        Adjunct professor (design), City College of NY art dept. (1970-76).


                        Wrote several childrens books (2 were published 1971,1974)


1976-82         Director of The Bronx River Restoration, a community development program in NYC.


1982-2001    Independent painting, sculpture, poetry writing, community involvement (South Salem, NY).

Paintings exhibited in several local art galleries as well as at The Century Club in Manhattan.

Produced a video about an Indian storyteller.





Recent Exhibits:


            The Century Club, Manhattan

            Garrison, NY Art Center

            Somerstown Gallery, Somers, NY

            Schoolhouse Gallery, Croton  Falls, NY

            Ridgefield, Conn Library

            Katonah, NY Library

            Greenburgh, NY Library





Books, Papers, and Articles:


"Communicating Science in 4 Dimensions"-Curator, 1960

"Vroon! Vreen! Vown- The Saturday Review, 1962

"Jackson Pollock: The Hollow and the Bump"-The Carlton Miscellany,1966

"Statement of Objectives and Procedures"-Community Science Cr, 1966

"Communication and Sensitivity"-Asia Foundation Quarterly, 1967

"At the Core of Science is You"-Community Science Centre, 1968

"An Audio-Visual Course for Science Teachers"-CSC, 1968

"An Evaluation of Teacher Re-Orientation Activities"-CSC, 1968

"TV for Teaching and Learning…Two Different Cultures-Educational/Instructional Broadcasting, 1969

"Students and the Environment" Vol. 1(1971), Vol. 2 (1972)-CSC

"Problem Solving Skills Through Science Education…"-Electronics Today (India), 1972.

"Approach to Learning"-Electronics Today (India), 1972

"The Bronx River Project" (with John Sedgwick)- Garden Journal, 1974

"Students: An Alternate Source of Energy"-NY Botanical Garden, 1975

"Wet Equity Along the Bronx River"- Bronx River Restoration, 1978

"Master Plan"-Bronx River Restoration, 1978







            "Bronx River Restoration" (with Larry Rosenblum)-Urbanimage, 1980






            "Tales of Pabuji"-Bhopo Productions, 1996




Books For Children:


            "Only Us! Only Us!-Little Brown & Co., 1971

            "You Can Be Taller"-Little Brown & Co., 1974





Grants Received:


            Fullbright                                                      Exxon Educational Foundation
            Nat'l Endowment for the Arts                    J.M.Kaplan Fund

            National Science Foundation                   Indian Gov't Tourist Office

            NYS Council for the Arts                            Vinmont Foundation

            Smithsonian Institution                              Community Science Center

            Asia Foundation                                         Indo-US Subcommission

            Chase Manhattan Bank                             Rich. A. Florsheim Fund

Citibank                                                        US Gov't Young Adult

                                                                      Conservation Corps          






            The Century Association

            Industrial Designers Society of America

            International Council of Museums

            National Association for Environmental Education

            UN Secretariat on Human Environment (for The NY Botanical Garden)

            Advisory Board Radio Station WBAI

            President, Board of Trustees, South Salem Library, etc







Chris Horn

125 West 80th Street

New York, NY 10024

(212) 787-2971


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